Parsons Exhibition New York City, NY, U.S.A.

The exhibition is the analogical translation of the structure of our practice, which is generated as the dialogue between our two offices in New York City and Milan. The work is “presented” without being represented and exists without immediate visual evidence. Fragments of the main ideas are transferred across the ocean via a virtual portal and cannot be seen unless they are “retrieved”. We look at this as a process of investigation which allows itself to be seen every time differently depending on the sequence or order the individual fragments are seen in. The slide viewers contain a series of images which belong to different projects. Their codes identify them and allow viewers to “construct” a different narrative each time. The slide viewers are a form of eyes that look back at the observer and challenge him/her to look inside and discover. When we collaborate on projects that are located either in one or the other end of the world, one office acts as the “blind eye” and the other as the “looking eye” that allows the blind one to see at unattainable distances.