Architectural Design Concept and Space Planning

The New Parish Center for the St.Laurence RC Church in Brooklyn, NY is designed to create a new point of attraction and destination within the community of East New York.

The Building, designed on an simplified version of the Greek Symbol of Christ, addresses the traffic on Flatlands Avenue with a glazed “tent-like” entrance, which is both inviting and iconic, establishing the presence of the Parish as an happening point for events, gatherings and prayer. A series of steps surround the front piazza, which can be used for festivals, performances, summer ceremonies and other promotional occurrences.

The interior spaces all hinge around the main Hall, which expands into the interior garden and to the backyard in the rear. This provides a flexible and varied space suitable for a multitude or religious and non-religious functions. Access and Circulation

The New Building will have parking available and road access. Tow main car entrances are planned off Flatlands Ave and Van Siclen Ave. Pedestrian access will occur from Flatlands directly to the new building and Van Siclen through the exising access. A new connection from the interior of the exiting church building will facilitate weather tight connection to the new building also.

In the rear, garden and recreational/sports areas are planned to enhance the vocation of the church as a place for the community. Materials and Structure

Budget conscious the aesthetics of the building rely on metal, glass, wood and concrete to achieve a modern effect that is also symbolically connected to biblical precedents. Spaces are both modern and classically peaceful. Functions and Program

The New Building hosts the Main Event Hall, restrooms, kitchen, storage and the interior prayer garden on the ground floor, plus a connection to the main Church. On the second level are the Residence apartments and offices. Guest and permanent parking are located in the rear.